Single Customer View

Are you communicating with your customers in their preferred way?

If your data is incomplete or held in many different places it can be quite misleading. Not only can it result in poor marketing decisions it can also have an impact on your business in terms of turnover, reputation, customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty as it can limit the knowledge you have about your customers. Customers want to feel appreciated and so it is important to learn as much as you possibly can about them, delivering real value into their communications.

A single customer view brings together all the data you hold about a customer by consolidating and merging this into one single record. By merging your data from your various data capture points across your organisation into one place offers you the benefit of enhancing your data and also allows for accurate insights and more sophisticated data profiling. Allowing you to make more accurate decisions around your marketing strategy and also offer opportunities to create powerful, relevant targeted campaigns to the different sectors within your business which will maximise each customer’s lifetime value.

Benefits of single customer view:

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