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Attain also offers it’s specialist services to the Charity Sector, with clear packages aimed at assisting your Charity in areas of need.

Please see below some of the services we offer, which will benefit the growth and revenue you will need to reach your own goals.  Whether it be automatically tracking the revenue of a campaign or setting up database integration ATTAIN can provide a clear path to solving problems and growing revenue.

Revenue Tracking

Revenue tracking is simple, easy to use and reveals how much donation revenue each campaign has generated at the click of a button. The ATTAIN Data Management Platform also includes real-time reporting with a breakdown of transactions, accessed from your own data dashboard as and when you need it.

Make your email marketing count by measuring the genuine Return on Investment (ROI) of your fundraising campaigns, right down to specific individuals and events.

Automated Campaigns

ATTAIN Automated Campaigns allow you to plan your communications for your stakeholders in advance, not only can you plan the initial communication but you can also plan the follow up actions on responses from supporters and shareholders.

For example you can set up a campaign email to raise money for a specific event and then set up follow up communications such as a thank you email or an update SMS messages, you can even send out letters and social media messages.

This is a fantastic way of developing a full digital campaign for your fundraising campaigns from once singles source, not only that but with the ATTAIN Revenue Tracking module, you can track the results and success of your campaigns from a financial perspective, all right there, reported in your dashboard.

Data Management

Greater insight: greater reach.

Understanding the data that your charity possesses can unlock a world of opportunity to know and reach your supporters in a better way; transforming your communications into efficient, effective and intelligent fundraising campaigns.

The ATTAIN Data Management Platform enables charities to control all aspects of data from one central source quickly, easily and, in most cases, automatically. The ATTAIN Data Management Platform works with clients to cleanse, nurture and secure data so that your databases are as relevant and consistent as possible.

The ATTAIN Data Management Platform offers the peace of mind of legal compliance, ensuring your data is stored safely and is kept up to date.

Database Growth

Here at ATTAIN one of our key success criteria for all of our clients is the growth of a clean and healthy database, our experts will work with you and your teams to ensure your database is not only clean and healthy, but also grows with every communication created.

Our ATTAIN creative teams can also work with your charity to help develop creative ideas that will help grow your database and spread the word about your charity or events within your charity. We can help you think through all aspects of data collection to help you plan your future growth.

Social Media

Social media enables you to build relationships, enhance brand recognition and increase engagement directly with potential and current supporters through interesting, responsive and authentic communications – but all of this requires time.

Let our dedicated Account Managers take care of your charities social media. We have designed some incredible social media packages to suit all budgets. For further information please speak to one of our dedicated account managers - call today on 01942 247884.

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